Strata, property and commercial law

Monti Lawyers. A boutique law firm providing expert advice to the strata and community titles sector.

About Us

We’ll help you achieve the best possible outcome.

With a combined fifty years legal experience, strata lawyer Charlie Monti and his team are committed to providing high level, cost effective and practical solutions to strata and other legal issues.

How do we help strata and community titles stakeholders?
Our extensive experience working for strata and community clients includes;

Drafting and advising about by-laws
Disputes about by-laws and by-law breaches
Strata subdivision, termination and renewal
Strata levy recovery
Disputes with lot owners and enforcement of orders
Advice about re-allocation of unit entitlements
Attendance at owners corporation meetings
Advising owners corporations about meeting procedure and management issues
Dividing Fences Act Claims
Insurance claims and requirements
Building Defect Claims
Tree disputes.

Other Legal Services

While Strata and Community Law are our focus, we also offer the following legal services.

  • Conveyancing

  • Leases

  • Debt Recovery

  • Construction

  • Wills & Deceased Estates

  • Property & Commercial